About Us


Kaleidozone as a business idea was conceived and founded by two silicon valley entrepreneurs in 2015. Within three years we have grown to a competent team of technologists, developers, creative artists, domain experts, mechatronics engineers, IT experts and operational staff.

We launched our first Virtual Reality (VR) game arcade in Chennai in 2016. Our VR pods are deployed now in 8 different locations across the country.We have served more than 70,000 happy customers.

We constantly evaluate the technology developments. Our strength is in marrying creative concepts to technology and deliver compelling products to the market.
We have zeroed-in on new concepts that will appeal to domestic as well as global markets.

Please stay tuned!

Our Offering

Library of contents

  • Original VR content
  • Gamified content that enhances player¬†motivation and engagement
  • Popular Licensed characters

Interactive & Immersive

  • VR Goggles
  • Simulated Platform
  • Interactive controls
  • Physical effects
  • Sensors and Controllers

Operational Cook Book

  • Layout Planning
  • Location guidance
  • Revenue Models
  • Staffing
  • Branding and Marketing


  • Deployment
  • Spare parts planning
  • Annual maintainers
  • Incident support

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